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Self-service web portals in Dynamics 365

Transform your customer web experience with the new portal capabilities in Dynamics 365. Extend Dynamics 365 to the web to deliver exceptional customer service and increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Quickly build secure, self-service customer experiences optimized for mobile and desktop. No development skills needed!

Customer Service

Create surveys and learn about your customers with Voice of the Customer

Surveys are a great way to learn more about your customers and use that knowledge to keep them happy. With “Voice of the Customer” in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can quickly design, share, and analyze customer surveys. Power your customer knowledge with surveys by the Voice of the Customer in Dynamics 365.

Customer Service

Six reasons to choose Dynamics 365 web portals

Increase user engagement and lower service costs by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 web portals to provide blogs, forums, knowledge articles and service options. Cases created on your custom portal can be captured in Dynamics 365 and routed to your customer service reps.

Customer Service

Introduction to Portals in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Please visit the Success Portal at – This video is a sample length version of one of more than 300 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Tutorials available in the Success Portal. In this video, learn about portals in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Customer Service

Portals for Microsoft Dynamics 365: New features, use cases, and best practices – BRK3337

Get to know the newly released features in July 2017 release of Dynamics Portals and learn the opportunities they enable by expanding engagement with various internal and external audiences. This exciting portal technology is available for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Review out-of-the-box features and scenario use cases for various portal templates. See capabilities of styling, configuring and customizing Portals via a demo. Pick up a few tips, tricks, and best practices along the way to make your Portal projects a success. Walk away knowing the differences between Dynamics Portals and ADX Portals for migration considerations, including Portal Source Code Release and others options for your Portal projects.

Customer Service

Overview: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent – BRK2114

Modern workplaces require a new approach to selecting, engaging and retaining the best talent. Join this session to delve into how our new human capital management solution can help you accelerate the journey to a fully digital workplace. See how Dynamics 365 for Talent helps provide exceptional experiences across the talent lifecycle – from attracting the right people with native LinkedIn tools, to employee onboarding, engagement and growth, to streamlining core HR operations. We will also cover product architecture, availability and roadmap.