About Empellor CRM

Welcome to Empellor CRM, where we redefine the essence of CRM for businesses. Beyond mere technology, we view CRM as a dynamic business strategy that propels your organization toward unparalleled success. Our distinction lies in recognizing CRM as the pivotal hub of your business, setting us apart from the rest.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Strategic Alignment

At Empellor CRM, we center our approach on comprehending your company's strategic objectives. Your goals become the cornerstone of our methodology, ensuring a tailored and purposeful CRM implementation.

Transformative Solutions

Empowering your operations, our services are meticulously crafted to eliminate obstacles and inefficiencies. By doing so, we guarantee that your CRM and data analytics not only streamline but genuinely propel your business forward.

Results at the Core

We don't just deploy CRM; we are dedicated to delivering measurable results that significantly impact your business. Our results-driven approach ensures that every aspect of our CRM implementation contributes meaningfully to your overall success.

People-Centric Excellence

Recognizing your workforce as the greatest asset, we invest in cultivating excellence for revenue growth. At Empellor CRM, we understand that the success of CRM relies not only on technology but also on the individuals who drive its implementation and utilization.

Our Propellor Methodology

Our approach is tried and tested, focusing on the critical steps that lead to success:

Strategic Goals: Your Path for Revenue Growth

Our methodology begins by immersing ourselves in the fabric of your company's unique strategic vision, ensuring that the implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) becomes a dynamic catalyst propelling you towards the realization of strategic goals, with a keen focus on driving revenue growth. A well-executed CRM system, when aligned with your strategic objectives, becomes the linchpin for executing strategies that directly impact your bottom line.

Technology: Harmonizing for Financial Agility

Integral to our methodology is the seamless integration of CRM with your existing and future technology landscape. This ensures a frictionless flow of mission-critical information, aligning your CRM with the technological pulse of your business. By understanding your tech stack comprehensively across all facets of your operations, we empower your organization to leverage technology as a tool for revenue enhancement.

Business Process: Streamlining for Profitability

CRM is the perfect platform to connect and enable your core processes. In collaboration with your team, we endeavor to replace manual workflows with automation and targeted functionalities. This strategic shift liberates your team from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on revenue-generating activities and contribute tangible value to your organization's financial success.

Data: Data-Driven Revenue Strategies

The bedrock of your business lies in its data, a cornerstone of immeasurable value. Our methodology incorporates a robust data plan that not only empowers your team to make informed, data-driven decisions but also serves as the foundation for revenue-centric strategies. By optimizing data practices, we lay the groundwork for sustained revenue growth.

Execution: Achieving Tangible Results

Acknowledging that your team is your most valuable asset, we delve into understanding your organizational culture, the motivations that drive your team, and how CRM can be a supportive force in enhancing their ability to contribute to revenue growth. Collaborating closely with your team, we craft a compelling "Why" message that fuels adoption and generates momentum around CRM, making it an integral part of your organizational ethos and a driver of revenue excellence.

People: Empowering Your Team

Our methodology meets your team where they are today. Cross-functional team engagement, user training, change management, feedback loops, and incentive structures form the bedrock. We cultivate a culture where CRM isn't just a system but a shared commitment, ensuring its seamless integration into your organizational ethos and driving sustained revenue growth.

Our CRM Expertise

At Empellor CRM, we transcend the role of a conventional CRM service provider – we emerge as your committed ally in sculpting the future of your business with a strategic emphasis on revenue growth. Our expertise lies in seamlessly implementing, integrating, rescuing, and reviving CRM systems, with a specialized focus on the industry-leading platforms Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.

With a rich 17-year history in this domain, we have amassed the knowledge and insights necessary to not only meet but exceed expectations, consistently delivering exceptional results tailored to fuel the revenue objectives of your organization.

Why We Are Different?

With cutting-edge CRM solutions, we propel your business to the next level. Discover what sets us apart from others:

Begin with Strategic Goals, Not With Features

At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to your dreams and aspirations. By anchoring our approach with an in-depth understanding of your strategic objectives, we tailor a CRM solution that goes beyond features—it becomes a dynamic tool perfectly aligned with your visionary goals.

Focus on Moving The Needle

We go beyond a basic CRM implementation; we craft actionable strategies designed to move the needle on key performance indicators and your goals. Our focus is not just on adopting technology but on using it strategically to create a tangible impact on your business growth.

Implementation & Customization: Your Brand, Your Rules

Your brand is more than just a name; it's a unique fingerprint, a testament to your passion. Recognizing this, we create CRM solutions that mirror the individuality and heartfelt essence of your business. Our implementation and customization ensure that the CRM aligns seamlessly with your brand's identity and operational preferences.

Guaranteed Results: Your Trust, Our Promise

We understand the weight of your trust, and our commitment is unwavering. Our promise is not just about delivering a CRM solution; it's about ensuring that the results we deliver become the building blocks of your success. Your trust is the driving force behind our relentless pursuit of excellence.

 Hear From Our Clients

“The Empellor CRM Client Success Workshop was a game-changer for our business. It uncovered critical technical and process-related obstacles that were hindering our scalability. The roadmap they provided gave us the clarity and direction needed to overcome these challenges to achieve our growth objectives.”

Chris Whelan

Executive VP of Sales, Cerium Networks

“Empellor CRM’s innovative approach of prioritizing our business needs has been transformative. Not only did they revamp our Dynamics 365 CRM system, but they also enhanced our product management and reporting capabilities through a new data warehouse. They’ve proven to be our trusted CRM partner, guiding us towards unprecedented efficiency and success.”

Ada Stepan

VP Global Operations, Abracon

“Empellor CRM’s tailored implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM for our Rep Manufacturing business has been remarkable. It has given us a comprehensive 360-degree view of our sales and activities with both Dealers and Manufacturers, revolutionizing our decision-making process and driving growth. Thanks to Empellor CRM, we’re equipped with the tools needed to excel in our industry.”

Adam Owens

Principle, CET & Associates

“Empellor CRM’s expert implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM Sales tailored for our industry needs has been a game-changer. It has streamlined our in-home health assessments and care management solutions, enhancing our service quality and efficiency. Thanks to Empellor CRM, we’re delivering better experiences to our clients.”

Sophia Kim

Chief Commercial Officer, Matrix Medical Network