CRM Shouldn't Suck

Slay the Spreadsheets

Running your business out of Excel rather than CRM? This video tells you how to slay the spreadsheets to improve your business.

No One Is Using CRM

Invested a bunch of money and time into your CRM and no one is using it? Happens all the time. Watch this video to understand why this happens and tips on how to get your CRM to actually begin generating an ROI.

Bad Data

It’s hard to understand how data in CRMs can get so bad so frequently. Especially since data is the foundation of any system, especially CRM. It’s also one of the most important assets of any business. Watch this video to find your way out of the swamp of bad data into a future of data you can trust and is a valuable asset for your business.

Who Owns CRM

Understanding who should own CRM in your organization is a key step to a successful CRM implementation. Is it Sales, or Marketing, or who?? We get asked this question all the time, and this video shares our answer along with some recommendations to ensure your CRM Doesn’t Suck!!