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Embarking on your CRM implementation journey with Empellor CRM is not just a process; it's a tailored experience designed for simplicity and transparency.  We understand that the success of any CRM implementation lies in its seamless integration into your business operations. With a commitment to making every step of the way clear and comprehensible, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner in harnessing the power of CRM for your organizational growth. Let us guide you through a seamless experience where transparency meets technology, and excellence becomes the hallmark of your CRM success.

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It all starts with a simple step – send us a request. We're here to listen, understand your unique needs, and set the wheels in motion for your CRM transformation. Our website provides a variety of ways for you to contact us (Email, phone, or website contact button) that are most convenient for you.

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After you've taken the first step, the next one is to schedule a strategy call. This is where we dive deep into your business's strategic goals and discuss how CRM can be the driving force to achieve them. Our expertise aligns perfectly with your vision, and this call is where the magic begins.

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Now that we're on the same page, it's time to receive a proposal. This document outlines the plan we've crafted specifically for your business. We'll integrate, customize, or rescue your CRM in accordance with your strategic goals.

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Once you're satisfied with the proposal, we'll move forward to sign a service contract. This contract solidifies our partnership, and we officially kick off the journey to CRM excellence. It's the moment when your CRM becomes the central hub for your business, propelling you toward your strategic goals.

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Client's Onboarding Experience With Empellor CRM

“The Empellor CRM Client Success Workshop was a game-changer for our business. It uncovered critical technical and process-related obstacles that were hindering our scalability. The roadmap they provided gave us the clarity and direction needed to overcome these challenges to achieve our growth objectives.”

Chris Whelan

Executive VP of Sales, Cerium Networks

“Empellor CRM’s innovative approach of prioritizing our business needs has been transformative. Not only did they revamp our Dynamics 365 CRM system, but they also enhanced our product management and reporting capabilities through a new data warehouse. They’ve proven to be our trusted CRM partner, guiding us towards unprecedented efficiency and success.”

Ada Stepan

VP Global Operations, Abracon

“Empellor CRM’s tailored implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM for our Rep Manufacturing business has been remarkable. It has given us a comprehensive 360-degree view of our sales and activities with both Dealers and Manufacturers, revolutionizing our decision-making process and driving growth. Thanks to Empellor CRM, we’re equipped with the tools needed to excel in our industry.”

Adam Owens

Principle, CET & Associates

“Empellor CRM’s expert implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM Sales tailored for our industry needs has been a game-changer. It has streamlined our in-home health assessments and care management solutions, enhancing our service quality and efficiency. Thanks to Empellor CRM, we’re delivering better experiences to our clients.”

Sophia Kim

Chief Commercial Officer, Matrix Medical Network

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