Is Your CRM Holding You Back or Built to Seamlessly Scale?

Is Your CRM Holding You Back or Built to Seamlessly Scale?

In a competitive industry like professional services, a company’s ability to digitally scale and adapt is critical for staying relevant today and growing into the future.

A highly segmented, cluttered, and incoherent cloud strategy sets your business up to fail. That’s likely why 85% of businesses say they either need to build or adapt new digital technologies into their business model by 2023 if they want to remain economically viable.

Here’s how Wipfli, a professional services company founded in 1930, tightened up their current processes and prepared for the future by going all-in with a thoughtful deployment of Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365.

Keep Costs Down and Stay Competitive

Without a streamlined Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, you’ll never have full control of your company’s data. Wipfli noticed that running multiple systems forced them to relitigate entire processes every time they wanted to implement a change. It just wasn’t efficient – especially if they wanted to remain compliant as they grew.

On the other hand, a comprehensive and functional CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to liberate your data, when implemented properly. Running a consolidated system simplified Wipfli’s development and delivery. This allowed them to offer lower prices for their services, preparing Wipfli to stay competitive long into the future.

Reduce Friction in Your Digital Transformation Journey – Today and Always

By using a well-implemented single platform solution for your CRM, you can integrate the full suite of Microsoft cloud tools without sacrificing security or key business processes.

With a comprehensive deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Wipfli was able to meet their short-term goal of consolidating and overall improving the client-facing experience for retention and acquisition while keeping their business agile enough for whatever the future holds.

Speedy Collaboration for Remote Teams

In May of 2020, Wipfli transitioned its team from Skype to Microsoft Teams – a cloud-based solution – in an effort to prioritize collaboration at the height of the pandemic.

Their strategy paid off. By integrating Microsoft Workplace Analytics and Teams into their overall single-platform CRM strategy, Wipfli employees could collaborate and share insights quickly.

Information was just easier to find, access, and share – from anywhere – while maintaining top security practices within the Microsoft ecosystem. Plus, the seamless access to analytics helped Wipfli improve interactions with clients!

Streamline COVID Reporting and Contact Tracing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also fit smoothly into Wipfli’s return-to-work process and hybrid work environments. For a large company with over 2,500 employees like Wipfli, return-to-work meant juggling COVID reporting regulations and restrictions across multiple states.

Without the right cloud-based tools and a functional CRM deployment, this decentralized reporting process could cost a large company like Wipfli hundreds of hours each week.

Fortunately, a smooth integration of Microsoft Power Platform allowed Wipfli to include a self-reporting module into their CRM stack, making contact tracing a breeze.

The Right CRM Implementation Just Makes Everything Easier

Your CRM isn’t just for managing clients and customers. It’s an integral platform for ensuring your team has access to the data they need and the right environment to communicate effectively, both with each other and with customers.

You can’t create the best digital experience for customers if you don’t create the best internal environment for your team first. In the modern era of global remote teams, it’s critical to maintain a cohesive environment and give teams the tools they need to succeed. As Wipfli’s project showed, a single-platform CRM deployed with the right integrations is the best way to meet these goals.

Assess Your CRM Now

For Wipfli, properly implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 was a key part of their digital transformation. It just made everything easier, from internal remote collaboration to client engagement. How about yours?

Is your CRM working for your business goals or against them? Find out if your CRM is built to help your business scale and grow with Empellor CRM’s Self-Assessment Checklist.