How to Convert 50% More Leads with Microsoft PowerApps

How to Convert 50% More Leads with Microsoft PowerApps

Most companies already know that improving the customer experience (CX) is critical for staying competitive, retaining customers, and supporting long-term growth. Many may not realize, however, that CX and the internal digital experience (DX) go hand-in-hand.

In fact, organizations around the globe see employee enablement and artificial intelligence (AI) as the two most important factors for improving their CX.

As a staple in the financial services sector with their goals set on breaking into fintech, William Russell knew they needed to adapt better technology if they wanted to exceed customer expectations.

Reduce Friction Between Quote and Sale to Convert 50% More Leads

What happens after leads submit your form?

Do they get entered into a seamless personalized triggered email campaign designed for their job role, industry, or even their company? Or do they sit in a database waiting for your sales team to contact them?

Carefully implemented automation is crucial to avoid the dreaded contact gap. William Russell knew they wanted to make the quote process more interactive for users and put more control in their hands with self-service options.

The team at William Russell turned to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps to fuel their quote-to-sale overhaul. By using these powerful AI-driven tools to their full potential, William Rusell managed to convert 50% more leads from their quotes.

Empower Your Customers and Sales Team with Insights

Bad data is a $3.1 trillion problem at companies across every sector. How can you make intelligent business decisions and empower your departments if they don’t have access to the best available data when they need it most? It’s just not possible.

Unfortunately, companies that don’t solve their data woes will no doubt struggle to remain competitive in a post-digital transformation world. Even companies with the most accurate data face the problem of siloes, resulting in inaccessible, incomplete, outdated, and inconsistent data across departments.

Luckily for William Russell, they used Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales as their main database for storing and managing customer records. This made it easy for the team to integrate AI-powered Microsoft tools like PowerApps to improve data accessibility both for their internal team and customers.

Customers gained access to custom quotes in-real time from an interactive form. Sales team members gained better insights on each customer. By the time a customer spoke to someone on the phone, the Williams Russel sales team could provide much more insightful and actionable advice, boosting customer trust and confidence.

Does Your CRM Support a Seamless Process and Encourage AI Development or Stifle Them?

Williams Russel enjoyed a smooth digital transformation with Microsoft PowerApps because they stuck to a single-platform CRM and implemented it properly. From their sales database to their AI-powered app development, everything happened within the cloud-based Microsoft ecosystem of Dynamics 365.

This empowered the Williams Russell team – from sales to DevOps – to access the right data when they needed it, encouraging innovation and improving customer interactions at every touchpoint.

Successful digital transformation is a holistic process that starts from the inside first. You can’t achieve a seamless frontend experience for your customers without optimizing your backend system first.

Unfortunately, most CRMs are too segmented, with data stuck in silos and third-party integrations slowing them down. In most cases, it’s not their fault. They simply didn’t have the expertise they needed to strategize and deploy the best CRM available to do things like:

  • Streamline internal business processes
  • Empower their sales team with accurate and current data
  • Encourage cross-department communication and access to data
  • Optimize their frontend user experience for both the customer and the internal team

Is your current CRM improving your business processes and helping you create a more customer-centric experience with AI? Run through the Empellor CRM Self-Assessment Checklist to find out for yourself.