Global chemical manufacturer streamlines sales processes with Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Sales

Are Your Business Processes Integrated and Supported by CRM?

Although customer relationship management (CRM) is a staple in most organizations today, many struggle to benefit from its full potential.

91% of companies with at least 11 employees utilize CRM technology—but not all CRMs are created equal. If you use a CRM that lacks user-friendly integration potential, your efforts will never serve your enterprise-level goals.

Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics offers a versatile range of useful CRM tools like Power Apps, AI Builder, and others to create a well-integrated business solution. Hexion’s implementation of Microsoft Power Platform and AI Builder illustrates this well.

Ditch Bloat and Speed Up Processes with User-Friendly Apps

Hexion employees had to manually scan, upload, and edit hundreds of business cards to their CRM with third-party software.

Hexion figured out they could use Microsoft Power App’s built-in AI scanner to extract relevant text, populate entries, and even populate their own custom fields with minimal effort. Thanks to the AI Builder integration, this data became centrally available within the sales team.

Building on that success, Hexion explored AI tools to speed up the follow-up process as well. Features like custom logic and tags allowed the sales team to send automated—yet customized—follow-up emails.

Best of all, Microsoft Dynamics gave Hexion the freedom and flexibility to decide where to store their data. Hexion soon realized they could choose whether to share data via SharePoint Online or Common Data Service. This allowed them to ditch clunky, costly, third-party data-sharing tools.

Improve Data Quality and Accuracy with Powerful AI Tools

Businesses lose an estimated $3.1 trillion each year because of low-quality data. For a global company like Hexion, data quality must remain a top priority if they want to meet business objectives.

However, simply using a CRM or relying on inexperienced CRM deployment won’t solve the pervasive data problem.

With experienced Microsoft Dynamics deployment, Hexion found a powerful AI solution. Hexion’s new business scanner didn’t just upload business card data quickly. It also improved the quality, accuracy, and consistency of contact data.

Some CRMs might require third-party tools to vet data for accuracy. Hexion, however, did everything within the Microsoft ecosystem, which took full advantage of Microsoft’s powerful AI and machine learning algorithms—all from one convenient CRM dashboard.

As an added benefit, Hexion could rest easy knowing Microsoft’s secure architecture kept data protected while it improved accuracy and accessibility for the sales team.

Streamline Internal Communication with Smart Automation

If your CRM usage is limited to sales, you’re missing out on key business-wide process integrations. Luckily, you can improve company-wide communication if you choose the right CRM and implement it properly across your organization.

Once they learned how to use the powerful yet user-friendly tools in Microsoft Dynamics, Hexion created a unique Power App to streamline internal communications. As a result, they enjoyed benefits like:

  • Instant company-wide broadcasting
  • Dynamic email previews and test emails
  • Custom pre-defined groups or users within the organization
  • Personalized and humanized automated emails with author names and signatures
  • Automatic brand consistency across email communications

With the pre-defined groups feature, Hexion could send test emails to specific employees or departments for approval.

Save Hours, Improve Efficiency, and Streamline Your Business with the Right CRM Deployment

Hexion found CRM success because they chose a versatile and user-friendly CRM with powerful AI capabilities like Microsoft Dynamics. However, AI-powered tools are useless without the right CRM strategy, development, and training.

Because Hexion employees learned how to maximize tools like AI Builder and Power Apps, the company saved countless hours in manual data entry, software engineering, and obsolete forms of email communication.

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