Bringing Military Discipline to Sales Success – Devin Corn

Devin Corn, Chief Revenue Officer for Nautilus Integrated Solutions, attributes his aptitude for leading a team to success to the 9 years he spent serving in the military. His newly formed company is on a mission to strengthen the military industrial base by taking companies that would benefit from having a professional management structure put in place.

On today’s episode Devin breaks down his career journey post military, as well as the positive impact the military had on his rode to success in leadership and innovation in sales.

Devin’s episode is full of great advice and insight from someone whose organizational skills, hard work and humility has got him to where he is today!

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  • “I think the biggest thing is being clear with what the objectives are, you know, setting clear, concise objectives and saying here’s what I need from you, here’s what I need you to do.”
  • “Some people call it a post mortem but an after action review, and I do I try and do that after every meeting, every sales that I win or lose, and break it down and look at the numbers of why, why did I win it, or why did I lose it?” (31:00-31:14)
  • “I think being able to work with others and build others up and build a team around me, that can allow me to succeed, because I never would tell you that I’m the smartest guy in the room, and I don’t think any one person has the right answer and the more people you’re able to bring in to a decision, the better that decision is going to be.” (9:41-10:00)


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