Walking A Fine Line – Paul Steinmetz

Paul Steinmetz is a National Sales Manager for Travel Leaders Corporate, LLC. Travel Leaders Corporate, LLC is founded on innovation- a business travel solutions firm with a focus on customized travel fulfillment, meetings management, and data & analytics.


Paul has been a salesman before he was old enough to drive and has worked his way through some tough jobs and finally found himself in a fulfilling leadership role with Travel Leaders Corporate. This road hasn’t always been easy, in today’s episode he recounts working for some extreme leaders that helped him understand what poor leadership could look like. However, his tenacity in sales has led him to some amazing opportunities which has allowed for his success in his field.


Tune into today’s episode to learn about Paul Steinmetz’s wild twist and turns through the world of sales and some of the difficult circumstances that have molded him into the leader he is today.


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  • “I think there’s a fine line between being a pain in the ass and being really persistent and effective as a salesperson.” (3:44-3:49)
  • “Ironically, I found that I learned more from people who were doing it wrong and bad leaders who would throw temper tantrums.” (5:09-5:17)
  • “When the FTC raided those companies, they didn’t really care who was doing what they assumed everyone. But the training was great.” (9:29-9:54)



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