Selling with Authentic Persuasion – Jason Cutter

Jason Cutter is the CEO and Founder of Cutter Consulting Group. Cutter Consulting Group is a specialized advisory firm focused on inside sales call center operations that offer Business-To-Consumer (B2C) or Business-To-Business (B2B) products and services. The fundamental goal is to help companies achieve a profitable and scalable Cost Per Acquisition through performance improvement of systems that support the sales process.


In today’s episode Jason explains how he eventually landed in sales and the inspiration behind his book, Selling with Authentic Persuasion. Jason graduated with a degree in Marine Biology and worked tagging sharks. He went from there to tech support and then a sales role in a mortgage business. He’s since evolved into a sales consultant, keynote speaker, podcaster, and published author.


Tune in to hear why being an authentic and persuasive salesperson is the key to sales success from Jason Cutter!


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  • “It was born out of about 16 years of experience inside a telephone sales room, running both sales and the lead gen side for call centers, mostly business to consumer.” (1:04-1:18)
  • “It’s building a system and process that you can repeat, almost like a franchise, no matter how many offices no matter how many reps.” (1:31-1:37)
  • “I love teaching, I love that light bulb moment that people have when you teach them something, and they use it.” (6:34-6:40)
  • “For me, it’s both of those parts of the formula, authentic, and persuasion, are what’s required to be an effective sales professional.” (7:59-8:08)
  • “The persuasion piece is the active pursuit of helping the right people across the finish line and leaving them in a better place.” (10:33-10:41)


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