Hire the Right People – Tony DeSpirito

Tony DeSpirito, Chief Revenue Officer for Cenergistic is a seasoned high-technology marketing and sales executive with deep domain expertise in enterprise software and managed services. A veteran of entrepreneurial startups and large, global companies, Tony’s skills range from C-Level selling, relationships to operational sales management of both channel and direct teams.


On today’s episode, Tony discusses his 3 keys to successful leadership: self-discipline, relentless focus on client or customer success, and follow up. He also touches on his hiring practices of how to Hire the Right People- which he currently is putting to use since Cenergistic is currently hiring.


Tune in to today’s episode, to learn about Tony’s expertise as a leader in sales and why you should consider Cenergistic as your next place of work!


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  • “So I was brought on to really professionalize and modernize our sales effort. And in fact, I’m actively hiring now across the United States.”
  • “Those are my three, my three keys, self-discipline, relentless focus on client or customer success, and follow up, follow up, follow up.”
  • “You provide a vision, you set goals and objectives, you equip the team to achieve those goals and objectives. And then you step out of their way, and you let them achieve and you’re always there for them.”
  • “It is the most important thing you could do is hire the right people, because ultimately your success will depend on their success as a sales leader.”


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