Leadership is NOT a Title – Matt Schatz

“Leadership is NOT a Title” Quote by Matt Schatz. Matt Schatz is the Chief Revenue Officer for Trulioo, a digital identity verification platform. He’s a proven sales leader with experience in both building and running high performance sales teams in North America, Europe and Asia and a proven track record of exceeding goals as well as building and training teams to deliver a world class customer service experience during the sales process.


In today’s episode, Matt takes us through his career journey starting as an eighth grade Social Studies teacher who was recruited by his friends to join their company in their early stages working in sales. Matt has some amazing insights as someone who truly learned the authenticity and importance of sales as someone coming from a very different background.


Tune in to today’s episode to hear about Matt’s awesome perspective on leadership and being an authentic sales leader!


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  • “We are a digital identity verification platform. We operate the largest most expensive network for identity verification data providers. Basically, were able to verify over 5 billion individuals around the globe and over 300 million companies.” (4:45-4:57)
  • “There’s a very specific type of company that I want to work for. Life’s short and I want to be able to have a good time and I want to feel good about what I’m doing. (7:00-7:09)
  • “He always impressed upon all of us that leadership is not a title- Leadership is a way of behavior. Leadership is a choice that you make every day when you walk through those doors.” (13:04- 13:13)
  • “Having that seek to understand mentality rather than coming in and trying to make a ton of change early on, when you don’t have all the facts and you don’t have all the data is the big thing.” (19:17-19:28)


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