The Spirit of Selling – Rhonda Petit

Rhonda Petit is the CEO & Founder of 3×5 Coaching LLC and author of The Spirit of Selling. Rhonda is a champion mindset coach who works enthusiastically with individuals, groups, and companies to guide them in discovering their deepest desires, reaching their potential, and achieving their personal and professional goals.


In today’s episode, we discuss Rhonda’s book, The Spirit of Selling, as well as coaching style. Rhonda has been leveraging the law of vibration and why it’s important for salespeople to understand that their potential lies in their habitual behavior aka the subconscious mind. Rhonda’s unique coaching style gives great perspective on how one should approach the selling mindset.


Tune into today’s episode to learn from Rhonda Petit, author of The Spirit of Selling and champion mindset coach so you can better train your mind for success.


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  • “I just kept going and I really believe the book was kind of channeled through me. It was a really cool experience being an instrument for something like this to be produced.” (4:02-4:12)
  • “In the first chapter there, what I’m trying to do is pull out most of the misconceptions that hold salespeople, anybody, business owners back from selling- one of the big ones is I think some people have an association of a salesperson with a con artist.” (5:56-6:14)
  • “You can give people appreciation, you can acknowledge people, you can be consistent in your performance and consistent in your word and your integrity, you can provide excellence, when you show up, leave the person with an impression of increase.” (11:52-12:12)



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