Build Deeper Sales Relationships – Russell Brown

Russell Brown, is the Vice President of Sales for Computacenter US, his priorities are to his team, his customers and partners and he supports their success by bringing IT solutions to address the demands of his customers’ businesses.Computacenter is a technology partner, utilized by large corporate and public sector organizations. They help their customers to source, transform and manage their IT infrastructure.


Russell has spent the last 20 years of his life growing and evolving within the Computacenter team. He started his sales journey working in the UK and only recently moved to Los Angeles to lead the sales team for their southwest business. Russell attributes his huge success to many of the people he’s met through his career path and the insight they’ve given him. One lesson he had to learn for himself was the importance of sharing your genuine self when showing up to help, especially as a leader in sales.


Tune into today’s episode to learn from Russell Brown’s success in sales as someone who has chased worthwhile opportunity all the way to sunny Los Angeles to be the VP of Sales for Computacenter US.


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  • “I’m hugely indebted to a lot of people that have helped support me over my career, and that that ranges from people just giving me time, so that I could listen, ask questions and learn, afford me space to make mistakes and learn from those people that have given me physical opportunity to progress my career.” (2:58-3:17)
  • “You know, as soon as I started to give more of myself, I felt that I built deeper relationships.” (5:28-5:33)
  • “I eventually learned that failure is actually a good thing you can dive into failure, and you can understand, what can you learn from that process? What can you learn to take forward tomorrow to be a little bit better?” (12:59-13:11)



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