The Curbside Plan: Show Up with a Plan – James Koenig

James Koenig, is the National Director of Sales for RTI Control. He is an expert team builder who develops culture around the customer experience to differentiate against the new world of commoditized, me-too products. Utilizes marketing to drive brand and customer loyalty. A detail-oriented sales leader with vision and drive.


In today’s episode, James Koenig tells us what he loves about his job, RTI Control, a leading control and automation systems manufacturer. He also breaks down the important values to live by as a leader and the important messages you need to pass on to your team.


Tune into this episode to hear from sales leader, James Koenig and learn how to fine tune your curbside prep and show up with a plan.


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  • “We do everything from remote controls up to the automation equipment. But majority of our business is selling whole home automation and business automation.” (2:06-2:15)
  • “The one thing he taught me was the value of what he would call the curbside prep and it means showing up with a plan.” (2:50-2:56)
  • “When you have a question, you feel like you’re overwhelmed- Raise your hand and it’s the one simple thing that it’s not a call for help. It’s not a sign of weakness.” (7:42-7:51)
  • “There’s two ways to go to business, we can all chase the ball, kick each other in the shin, or we can be strategic and play position.” (22:30-22:37)


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