Burning Through Leads – Kevin Snow

In today’s episode, Kevin tells us about the importance of sales processes that has led to success in his clients’ businesses. His matter-of-fact way of dealing with problems and generating solutions has great insight into running successful sales strategy and learn How to increase sale. Tune into today’s episode to learn from an awesome sales leader, Kevin Snow.


Kevin Snow, Founder and Chief Sales Strategist for Time on Target, has a passion for working with veteran business owners and entrepreneurs to help them develop effective sales and marketing strategies and build processes that help them execute said strategies. He has over 20 years of experience as a sales leader in the technology and internet marketing industries.


Over the last 12 years Kevin’s worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and sales organizations through consulting and training to help them close over $150 million in new business by leveraging their existing relationships and better communicating their product’s differentiating benefits. Kevin is also an officer in the US Army.


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  • “If you don’t understand why your clients are making those buying decisions, your processes are going to be screwed, you’re going to be doing stuff, you’re going to be sending them information at the wrong time- pushing for decisions that they’re not ready to make.” (6:26-6:41)
  • “Having them involved in that whole decision making to say, yes, we need a tool through the planning process and implementation is key. Otherwise, it’s just another thing that management spent money on that they are expected to use.” (21:47-22:10)
  • “That’s usually the issue is they don’t understand what actually needs to be done in the call. They’re burning through all these leads, and you’re losing opportunity for revenue.” (33:42-33:52)


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