Sell Without Selling Out – Andy Paul

Andy Paul is the author of Sell Without Selling Out, he is also the Founder of The Sales House, a business that helps VP’s and sales managers accelerate their leadership goals. You can also tune into his podcast, Sales Enablement Podcast– the mission of the podcast being to help you exceed customer expectations and close more deals.


On today’s episode you’ll learn from Andy’s expertise as a sales coach and consultant. Get perspective on creating the most effective sales training in order to create a successful sales team. Andy also gives great assessment on sales practices that might be holding you back from accomplishing your sales goals.


Tune into today’s episode to hear Andy’s sales coaching tips as impassioned author of the book, Sell Without Selling Out.


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  • “Despite all the advantages, the technology that’s at our disposal today for marketing and sales purposes, that the data suggests that we’re actually performing less well.” (1:06-1:17)
  • “Meaning we’re doing a less good job of helping our buyers make decisions at a time when in many respects, it should be easier to do that.” (1:17-1:26)
  •  “It’s based on four pillars: connection, curiosity, understanding and generosity, which are innate human behaviors.” (2:58-3:13)
  • “That’s the reputation that salespeople have in sales are being lazy, shiftless, self-centered, but on one hand, is hugely unfair to the vast majority of people who are in sales.” (6:50-7:02



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