Know Your Customer’s Why: Amazon Brand Developing – Isaac Kuhlman

Isaac Kuhlman is the Co-Founder of REAL Coaching. He is an active Amazon Seller with a business of his own, and he’s also coached over 1000 other Amazon Sellers on how to grow their business to fuel their lifestyle. REAL Coaching’s goal is to help aspiring Amazon FBA sellers get started with their business.


On today’s episode you’ll hear from an expert Amazon seller and learn how people are creating major profit on this global platform. Isaac’s story of entrepreneurship on “one of the most influential economic and cultural sales platforms in the world” is a great lesson in staying relevant and useful to the modern-day buyer.


Tune into today’s episode to hear from a knowledgeable Amazon sales coach, Isaac Kuhlman and see the hype around this persistently competitive online market.


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  • “Real coaching is a business that helps Amazon sellers sell better on Amazon, whether they’re just getting started, or they want to get started, or they’ve been selling for a while, we help them analyze things directly.” (1:00-1:11)
  • “On Amazon, it all comes down to traffic and conversion, just like it did in every retail store that I ever worked at, and the difference is, you have to understand your competition on Amazon.” (10:14-10:26)
  • “You need to anticipate what they’re going to ask and then actually say that in the listing, before they can actually ask it, the more you can do that, the less likely they are to leave your page.” (12:48-12:57)


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