Formulating Your Marketing Plan: Russell Lundstrom, The Chief Marchitech #98

On this episode, marketing expert Russell Lundstom joins Sales Lead Dog to discuss the necessity of fully integrating the marketing and sales processes inside your business. Russell shares advice on first, tracking your company’s data, then second, diagnosing where issues within your sales process might lie. After that, Russell provides insight on fine tuning your business’ strategies, wherever the problem lies, to better fit the needs of your clientele.  

Russell Lundstrom is a born and bred entrepreneur. Having started multiple 7-figure businesses, and helping hundreds of other businesses repeat that success, he is now on a mission to simplify the world of marketing. Passionate that entrepreneurs are the mind, heart, and engine of the world, he is driven to improve the world through better business.

After 35+ years on the front lines of marketing, Russell created the step-by-step marketing framework called the Marketing Plan Formula. This simple 5 step process reveals the most profitable marketing strategies through reverse engineering the unique keys to success already contained within your business.

Russell is now on a mission to teach this process to every entrepreneur on the planet.

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“99% of your marketing problems have nothing to do with marketing. It’s really you don’t know your numbers.”

“That’s one of the biggest problems I don’t see is the integration of the marketing people all the way through to the sale.”

“If I’m tightly integrated with my salespeople, they can make my job 1000 times easier just by asking those two questions. What’s the problem, and where do you go to solve it?”


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