Transformative Strategies for Sales Leaders and Teams – Joshua Hoffman, Partner and Chief Revenue Officer


Unlock the secrets to transforming your sales approach and fostering a winning organizational culture with my latest guest, Joshua Hoffman from CH Consulting, on Sales Lead Dog. Our conversation is a treasure trove of insights, drawing from Joshua’s extensive experience in sales consulting to pinpoint the vital elements that contribute to a thriving business environment. We dissect the importance of inclusivity, how to align with your company’s vision, and the power of a relentless focus on outcomes, ensuring that this episode is more than just a discussion—it’s a blueprint for personal and professional growth in the competitive world of sales.

As your host Christopher Smith, I share my own metamorphosis from a budding salesperson to a veteran sales leader, complete with the hard-earned wisdom from my 14-year journey at Dell. My personal narrative not only highlights the significance of humility and coaching but also the strategic impact of empathy and effective communication. Our in-depth analysis offers a fresh perspective on leading with compassion, fostering a team spirit that emphasizes collaborative learning, and ensuring that every member contributes to the collective success. This episode serves as a masterclass for both up-and-coming and seasoned sales professionals who aim to elevate their leadership skills.

Strap in for an exploration of strategic planning, the nuanced use of CRM systems, and the art of understanding your customers through the Bant strategy. We dissect the creation of strategic plans that prioritize solutions with tangible ROI, emphasize the need for comprehensive analytics, and the careful implementation of technology to support your goals. With Joshua’s expert insights and my reflections on the transformational role of CRM systems, this episode is your guide to developing strategies that not only enhance sales success but also cultivate continuous improvement and alignment within your team. Don’t forget to subscribe to Sales Lead Dog for more episodes that promise to keep you at the forefront of the sales industry.

Joshua is a visionary and outcome focused global sales executive with expertise in strategy and operations and a track record of exceeding targets while rapidly scaling and building high performance teamsHe is an agile executive that delivers change, growth, and operational efficacy while delivering innovative thinking in GTM, RTM, demand-generation, and customer-facing sales programs. He synthesizes complex problems, developing creative solutions that consistently exceed short-term targets while driving long-term successHe is a trusted team member, board member, and advisor with excellence in developing, mentoring, and guiding cross-functional teams. Josh’s career includes leading multiple domestic and global business units at Dell, significant global executive experiences with Avaya, Palo Alto Networks and Poly, leading the Americas business at Datto, Chief Revenue Officer at Netrix Global and now as a partner at CH Consulting. 


“An absolutely ruthless focus on outcomes is what separates a good sales team from a great one.”  

“Culture is the bedrock of a thriving sales environment; it’s about creating a space where people are aligned with the mission and see beyond just a job.” 

“Inclusivity and diversity in a sales team are not just buzzwords; they are vital elements that drive innovation and problem-solving.” 


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