Reducing your cost per closed deal: The value of advertising technology – Joe Khoei #93

In this episode, Joe uses his expertise in advertising technology to discuss how businesses can use ad click data and CRM technology to reduce cost per closed lead and improve their chances of closing deals. Joe also discusses the value of advertising technology for knowing what customers really want and need and streamlining your spending on advertising to produce the best results.

Joe Khoei is the Founder and CEO of SalesX, an agency that helps companies develop profitable customer acquisition programs via search marketing, display advertising, mobile marketing, analytics and creative services. With two decades of experience in Silicon Valley, Joe has been privileged enough to help hundreds of businesses prosper, and has mentored many entrepreneurs. That is why he started SalesX in 2010: to assist companies by providing them with SEM tools to reach the right people at the right time. From Day One SalesX invested in their clients through education and coaching programs that let them harness the energy within their organizations. 

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  • “Sales is not an Olympic sport where you get silver medals or bronze medals. You either get the gold or you get nothing.” (4:50-4:58) 
  • “The whole shebang, really, the whole promise of digital is that look, we’re gonna give you visibility. We’re going to give you insights into what’s happening for every dollar that you’re spending. You’re going to know where the money went.” (12:42-12:56) 
  • “This is how you go from Director of Sales to VP of Sales to Senior VP to executive VP to Chief Sales Officer, when you’re measuring the cost per closed lead and then taking that, relating it back to your search terms, and then saying maximize those, dude.” (19:51-20:09) 
  • “I would say definitely look closely as much as you can at attribution…Attribution, attribution, attribution. Let’s figure out what yielded successes and what yielded failures and what yielded which level of success.” (32:05-32:30) 


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