A Symphony of Sales Leadership and Team Development – Joshua Hall, Managing Director


Join us as we explore the intriguing journey of Joshua Hall, Managing Director of Hilscher North America, from his roots as an engineering student to a visionary in sales leadership. Listen in as Joshua unravels the significance of curiosity in both personal growth and team development. His belief in sales as a structured process and his commitment to coaching and mentoring shine through in our candid conversation. It’s a tale that begins humorously with a simple laptop purchase at Circuit City and evolves into a career of technological sales expertise and leadership. 

Our dialogue with Joshua takes an insightful turn as we reflect on the nuances of reading customers beyond the visual cues, especially when body language is out of the equation. He shares valuable lessons learned from his days at Honeywell, emphasizing the art of questioning and listening intently—skills paramount in both sales and leadership. The discussion takes a personal angle, highlighting Joshua’s decision to step into management, driven by his pursuit of an MBA and a crucial conversation about career advancement. Discover how Joshua navigated the challenges of overseeing a diverse team at a young age, crafting a narrative that’s as inspiring as it is educational. 

 Wrapping up, we delve into the philosophies that have shaped Joshua’s approach to leadership. His story about coaching youth baseball serves as a powerful metaphor for his management style, emphasizing the importance of engagement and understanding the ‘why’ behind actions. Joshua also imparts his views on handling failures constructively, embracing a stoic mindset, and drawing inspiration from historical figures like Ulysses S. Grant. Tune in for an episode filled with anecdotes, wisdom, and strategies that can help any sales professional or leader become a top dog in their field. 

Joshua Hall is recognized for his dynamic leadership and proven ability to foster transformative change, drive sales excellence, and ensure organizational success. Currently leading as the Managing Director for Hilscher North America, he continues to leverage his extensive expertise and strategic acumen across the industry. 

His career journey spans from an initial role as an Inside Sales Engineer at Honeywell to his recent impactful tenure as the Vice President of Sales at HARTING Inc. In every position, Joshua has seamlessly integrated deep technical knowledge with robust strategic growth initiatives. He is especially committed to talent development, employing active coaching and service leadership to enhance team capabilities and achieve substantial organizational growth. 


“Curiosity has been the compass guiding my personal growth and my investment in nurturing my team’s development.” 

“Preparation over improvisation has always been a cornerstone of my approach to sales and leadership.” 

“Embracing failures as stepping stones and adopting a stoic mindset have been key strategies for excelling in sales leadership.” 


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