Put Forth A Great Product – Greg Coonley

Greg Coonley is the VP of Sales for Centerfield Media; Centerfield’s leading platform leads end-to-end customer acquisition for millions of sales each year. Greg’s expertise is in in digital marketing and lead generation.


On today’s episode, Greg breaks down his career in sales and what has made him successful as a sales leader. Greg originally left sales to go into operations but got the itch to go back to sales after working alongside a sales team. Now as a leader in sales he wants to impart some of the skills that have allowed him to be successful.


Tune into the episode to learn about Greg Coonley’s journey into sales after the 2009 recession and how he’s rose to the top of his field and stepped into his leadership role at Centerfield Media.


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  • “If you don’t have the team dynamic set up so that the support you need, or the support you need to give is there, then it doesn’t matter, you’re not going to be able to achieve your goals- you’re not going to put forth a great product to sell.” (5:02-5:21)
  • “Leaving the office with a sense that those things are tied up for the day, and that I’m starting tomorrow with the ability to focus on where the focus needs to be.” (8:21-8:33)
  • “I did the majority of the legwork there and yet I’m not reaping the salary and commission benefits that my counterparts are.” (13:10-13:21)



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