Mastering Sales Leadership: Innovation, Team Dynamics, and Resilience – Parker Benthin, Chief Revenue Officer


Unlock the secrets to thriving in the competitive world of sales leadership with Parker Benthin, the strategic mastermind behind Brondell’s revolutionary home products. As Chief Revenue Officer, Parker recounts the exhilarating rise of the company, from revolutionizing the North American bathroom experience with electronic bidet toilet seats to embracing environmental stewardship with water filtration and air purification advancements. This episode journeys through the intersection of innovation and customer-focused product development, illustrating how Brondell’s dedication to the planet’s health and consumer happiness propels their market success. 

 Embark on a deep exploration of collaborative problem-solving and its profound impact on fostering a vibrant work culture. Parker and I dissect the essence of an idea meritocracy, where contributions are weighed on merit, not hierarchy, allowing for the best ideas to flourish. We navigate the delicate art of balancing individual accountability with a synergistic team environment, tackling the nuances of managing egos and championing shared victories. The episode also contrasts the ‘hunter’ mentality in sales with a supportive team framework, mapping out pathways to sustainable growth. 

Step into the Sales Lead Dog pack, where we dissect the critical role of CRM systems in fine-tuning the sales process for maximal impact. Parker imparts invaluable wisdom on enhancing lead management, while we underscore the power of a unified vision and the intricate dance between consensus and decisive leadership. This episode is not just a conversation; it’s a masterclass for those eager to sculpt a resilient sales team poised for long-term success. Join us, and empower your sales leadership journey with strategies that set the best apart. 

Parker Benthin is Chief Revenue Officer at Brondell, with a 16-year background in business development and innovation. Parker has been featured on Pattern’s Ecommerce Innovators, Stanford University’s The Innovators Radio Show, and the Brains Report podcasts, and has been mentioned in the Washington Post. Parker holds a B.A. in Pastoral Christian Ministries from Oral Roberts University and currently serves on the advisory council for California State University East Bay’s Transformative Leadership in Disruptive Times certificate program.  


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“I personally never wanted to be a salesperson. And I joke that at Brondell, we’ve built a sales function, a department of salespeople who hate salespeople. So we’re bringing a different experience through the sales process.”

“But what I’m trying to accomplish here is people in it for the long haul. And so if we make turns and pivots and changes, I want to slowly do that so that I bring everybody with me, because there’s a lot of value in longevity.”

Parker Benthin


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