Finding Your Path: Mentorship, Building Your Team, and Continuous Learning – Bradley Paster #96


Chief Revenue Officer Bradley Pierce of Guardspace joins the pack to talk about mobile app security and his career path to where he is now. Bradley also discusses the role of interpersonal relationships and mentorship in guiding career paths, how resilience can help us cope with the challenges and transformations we encounter, and his strategies around building a team as a sales leader.  

Bradley is currently the CRO at Guardsquare, the leader in mobile application protection.  
He has held several senior leadership positions and has over 25 years of experience building and scaling high-performance teams, driving revenue growth, and creating value for customers and investors across various domains, such as risk management, compliance, cloud, and AI. 

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  • “Never be too full of yourself. I mean, I’m a CRO, and they’re people that look at me and say, Well, you’re a CRO, you’ve achieved, but I have so much more to learn and to gain. And I would say continue to be inquisitive, right? It’s the people who are 80 years old and go run marathons. It’s the people that learn and pick a painting. It’s the people that decide to go take a trip to places unknown. Once you stop learningyou’re in trouble.”
  • “One, it’s about alignment. And I can’t answer that for you. I can say what we can offer. I can say what we can do, I can give you, I’ve offered to give people references, people who used to work for me so it’s not, you know, we always ask when we’re interviewing, “ want your references. I say ‘Here’s, here’s people who’ve worked for me, individual contributor roles. Here’s other people, reach out to them, find out who I am. Do you think you can work with me?”
  • “If you just take a pause back, you recognize that everyone’s human, you recognize that really, for the most part, people come from place of good, and ultimately it’s not about you. 


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