Mom Squad: VAST Results- Getting You to YES! – Shannon Mulligan

Shannon Mulligan is the CEO of VAST Results and she understands the importance of sales, as well as its challenges. She has more than 15 years of experience in B2B sales.


After being laid off from a national sales manager role at five months pregnant Shannon quickly realized that small businesses had a desperate need for follow up sales support… Vast Results (along with her son Myles) was born. She and her team work with those small businesses to create and improve follow up processes and then act as an extension of their team to execute those systems.


On this week’s episode listen to hear why Shannon believes strongly in the power of her “Mom Squad” and why she is working hard to build a platform for moms to create flexible work opportunities while helping her clients get to yes!


Tune in to hear Shannon’s amazing story of success in the field of sales as a Gen X who found an accidental career on this sales path, but quickly found her passion!


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  • “I call them my Mom Squad of moms that want to do part-time selling work and they actively go after our clients leads for them and either get them an appointment or re-engage a conversation, get another proposal sent out, and they just follow those leads to their natural conclusion.” (11:50-12:11)
  • “That’s what my Moms Squad does. They’re business development directors. They’re consistently reaching out with different touches: LinkedIn, emails, phone calls, all the things just to try to re-engage that qualified lead.” (13:50-14:04)
  • “So, for us it’s different because we’re a part-time resource- none of my moms work more than 10 hours a week for any of our accounts.” (26:15-26:23)
  • “I would love to see more women in the career of sales, I would love to see more women sales leadership, I would just love to see more women in leadership in general.” (29:07- 29:12)



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