Transitioning to Leadership: A Focus on Team Development – Mark Rooney, Strategy Director


Ever wondered how a technical mindset could revolutionize your sales approach? Mark Rooney, Strategy Director at Bry-Air, joins us on Sales Lead Dog, to share his journey from engineering to sales leadership and the pivotal strategies that have fueled his success. With tales of his transformation and the lessons learned along the way, Mark unravels the art of structured problem-solving and the undeniable influence of continuous learning and networking to not only meet targets but exceed them.  

 Navigating through the labyrinth of sales, we probe the importance of understanding the customer’s decision-making process and the role of engaging with all relevant stakeholders. As we stroll down memory lane, we reflect on our early career blunders, shedding light on the finesse required to know when to persevere with a potential deal and when to gracefully bow out. As we pivot to the nuances of leadership, Mark and I dissect the challenges of team management and the delicate balancing act of internal responsibilities with customer interactions, ensuring the internal gears are as well-oiled as the external ones to enhance customer satisfaction. 

In our final act, we delve into the architecture of constructing a robust sales team tailored for the technical realm. Mark stresses the significance of communication and problem-solving skills, often overshadowing specific educational pedigrees. We dissect the transformative power of learning from lost deals, leveraging these experiences as a catalyst for team mentoring and sales strategy optimization. Moreover, we explore the strategic role of CRM systems in prioritizing opportunities and streamlining processes, underscoring the criticality of data and analytics in sales triumph. For those ready to join the pack leaders in sales, connect with Mark and discover more episodes of Sales Lead Dog where we uncover the tactics of sales mastery. 

Mark is a results-driven executive with 14 years of experience in strategy and sales in the manufacturing sector. He has a proven track record of driving revenue growth and market expansion through strategic initiatives and effective sales execution. He is skilled in identifying market opportunities, developing innovative strategies, and building strong relationships to achieve business objectives.


“So I love a diverse group. I’ll say that, when it comes to the highly technical, I would say you know, it’s pretty standard to. You know, look for an engineering background just because it makes more sense. But with that being said, if there were, you know, other candidates that didn’t have the engineering degree but we’re still a great fit, then absolutely I would love to talk to them.”

“So the top three, I would say is really the sales funnel and how you use that to manage your short-term activities, but also long-term. And so I think, when I talk to my salespeople, is making sure that we’re devoting enough time to those opportunities that are closing in the next 30, 60, 90 days, but also looking out towards the end of the year or into next year and making sure that we have, you know, a good backlog of upcoming opportunities that will support.” 

“Challenges are a part of any career journey. It’s important to keep pushing forward and use those challenges as learning experiences. They help you grow and get better.”


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