Strategies for Success in Technical Sales Leadership – Karine LeBlanc, VP of Sales


Join us on a journey with Karine Leblanc, a sales visionary, as we discuss the human touch in the tech-dominated world. Karine, VP of Sales for IAIRE, LLC., brings a breath of fresh air to the conversation by merging the high-stakes world of sales with the irreplaceable value of human connection. Her insights into IAIRE’s cutting-edge solar air conditioning systems demonstrate how innovation fuels compelling sales narratives. Furthermore, she delves into the creation of her book “How to be Human in a Technical World,” offering a beacon for those in technical fields to remain grounded in their humanity. Karine’s candid revelations about the hurdles she faced while writing and the pivotal role of mentorship in shaping her path provide a masterclass in personal and professional growth. 

This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for both neophyte leaders in sales and seasoned veterans seeking to enrich their approach. We unveil the trials and triumphs of transitioning to a sales leadership role with a leader who recently made the leap, focusing on the power of authenticity and vulnerability in fostering a credible relationship with both team members and clients. The conversation shifts to the bedrock habits that underpin success, from the maintenance of customer relationships to the philosophy of being a beacon of assistance rather than just a salesperson. Discover the strategies and personal routines that have helped forge successful careers, and learn how simple acts like daily exercise and mental stimulation can pave the way to professional victory. 

Meet Karine Leblanc, the dynamo who wears many hats—engineer, bestselling author, and international professional speaker. As the VP of Sales at iAIRE, she’s not just crunching numbers; she’s crafting winning sales teams with her unique blend of engineering prowess, coaching finesse, and relationship-building wizardry. 

Armed with a mechanical engineering degree from Montreal’s Ecole de Technologie Superieure and a slew of certifications, she’s a powerhouse. Karine is a John Maxwell coach, trainer, and speaker, a certified behavioral analysis consultant, a Genos certified practitioner and an eSpeakers certified virtual presenter. Oh, and did we mention she’s a Heroic Public Speaking graduate Alumni? 

But wait, there’s more! Karine’s not your typical engineer™.  

She’s shattered ceilings by serving on ASHRAE’s board of directors, and her accolades include the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award and John F James International Award. Plus, she’s the Past-President of the National Speaker Association Los Angeles Chapter, and her contributions to her alumni earned her the title of Leadership Ambassador. To top it off, she’s also an Amazon-published author! 

Get ready to be inspired by this engineering maverick who’s anything but conventional. Karine Leblanc is here to transform your perspective and make learning a blast! 

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How to be Human in a Technical World was born out of the realization that in our focus on technology, we often forget the human aspect that’s so crucial in our field.” 

“Mentorship has been the driving force behind my success. It’s about finding the right person to guide you and being open to learning and growing continuously.” 

“Authenticity in leadership is not just about being yourself, it’s about being honest about what you know and what you don’t. That vulnerability fosters credibility and long-term respect.” 

“When I took the VP of Sales role, I emphasized the importance of restraint in making immediate changes and the value of observing before acting.” 






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