How To Make The Leap – John McDonnell

John McDonnell is the Director of Business Development for Signum Displays, before making his transition to Signum he worked at Alexis Exhibits, Inc. for 17 years. Four of those years he worked as the Vice President of Sales- making the decision to move on and start fresh at a new company was ultimately the hardest and simultaneously the easiest for his career.


On today’s episode John covers an important topic- when to make the leap of faith to your next opportunity; Recognizing when you’ve plateaued and the inevitable decisions you’ll make in order to keep leveling up.  A part of this process is being aware of your goals and continually evaluating whether you’re still on that journey of growth.


Tune into John McDonnell’s episode to walk through the process of weighing all your options and continually seeking growth in your career.


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  • “That translates and speaks volumes when you’re not trying to wear a mask and be somebody that you’re not.” (3:10-3:16)
  • “It was a way to kind of start over and start fresh and start from the ground and then build a team, the way that I wanted to build a team.” (8:44-8:50)
  • “The hardest part was actually weighing the pros and cons and getting over the unknown- then finally getting there and taking that leap.” (10:40-10:49)



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