Build A Selling Skillset – Joel Stevenson

Joel Stevenson is the CEO of Yesware, a company that builds software that helps professionals communicate efficiently and authentically by integrating a powerful set of tools right inside your email inbox.

Some of Joel’s accomplishments have been building a supply chain business from $2MM to $30MM, a B2C eCommerce business from $50MM to $100MM and a B2B business from scratch to several hundred million.


In Today’s episode, Joel talks about his start in sales and how his background in acting has helped him think on his feet from time to time. But, most importantly he discusses how he’s been shaped as a sales leader to be curious and focused in order to accomplish his goals.


Tune in to Joel Stevenson’s episode to learn why you might be cut out for sales and why at the end of the day everyone should know the tricks of selling in order to further their career.


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  • “The hub of your workflow is going to be in your inbox. We’re being deeply integrated into your inbox.” (2:25-2:32)
  • “Something I picked up a little bit later in my career was sitting meditation that’s really been helpful to me in terms of focus.” (4:38-4:46)
  • Well, I got news for you, you’re all going into sales, whether you like it or not. If you want to build a skill set that’s going to be useful for your whole career, you might think about building a selling skill set.” (7:58-8:01)
  • “You have to be a curious person, in order to want to ask the right types of questions.” (13:10-13:15)


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