Grind For Yourself – Trevor Breininger #91

The owner of The Digital Branch, Trevor Breininger, based in Toronto, Canada, joined us on the podcast this week. Trevor is a solutions-focused leader with progressive career growth, proven business development success, and a purpose-driven sales professional who thrives at the nexus of client service, technology, and business.

On this week’s episode Trevor discusses his passion for utilizing technology and his years of experience in sales to give his customers the best results. For years, Trevor was grinding for sales companies until he realized he could take his experience and processes to grind for himself. Now he creates sales successes for his own customers working for his own business.

Tune into this week’s episode to hear from Trevor Breininger, owner of The Digital Branch to learn why his eventual decision to step out on his own and grind for himself ultimately led to greater fulfillment in his career.

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  • “As any salesperson knows as you start to grow in your career, I noticed that the processes and the overall sales tactics I was using was really successful, but I started to get sick of working for other people.” (1:06-1:18)
  • “I was the guy who would literally make 100 phone calls a day and literally just brick and mortar, nose to the grindstone hit the phones every single day.” (2:51-3:03)
  • “So being able to get a good gauge on your success ratios is going to be the very first thing I would do in any particular organization.” (25:41-25:49)


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