Elevating Your Sales Game and Team Dynamics – Dustin Ruge, Author and VP Sales


Unlock the secrets to scaling the heights of sales and leadership with our esteemed guest, Dustin Ruge. His trailblazing approach emphasizes adaptability, precision in goal-setting, and the kind of persistence that turns obstacles into stepping stones. We dissect the intricate dance of salesmanship that has propelled industry heavyweights to their zenith, and distill the essence of goal setting—a relentless pursuit that shapes the trajectory of careers and corporations alike. 

Transitioning from ace salesperson to a visionary sales leader is an art form in itself, one that Dustin and I explore with candid insights from the trenches. We unravel why the best sellers aren’t always the best leaders and share strategies from my book for spotting those with the potential to inspire and drive teams. The chapter on sales training further deepens the conversation, as we debate its real-world efficacy and underscore the importance of tailoring training methods and ensuring accountability for lasting mastery. 

But what’s skill without strategy? The later part of our discussion pivots to the art of assembling an unstoppable sales force, taking cues from sports legends. I reveal the critical edge that comes with strategic networking and an acute understanding of an organization’s heartbeat within the first three months. And as the talk rounds off, we spotlight the indispensable role of CRM systems in sales success, stressing the seamless synergy needed between sales and customer success to avoid the pitfalls that can derail the handoff process. Tune in for these transformative insights that might just redefine your sales playbook. 

Dustin W Ruge is known as one of the most respected and trusted sales, marketing, and business growth coaches in the nation. In addition to his numerous books and publications, Dustin frequently appears and is referenced in major news and trade publications, business shows, and trains and keynotes at conferences across the nation. Dustin’s career includes over 27 years’ experience ranging from technology startups to Fortune 500 companies where he has received numerous awards and recognition for his work. 

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“Adaptability is not just a trait; it’s the lifeblood of successful sales and leadership.”

“Sales skills are the undercurrent of success across industries; even the tech giants were once great salespeople.”

“In the dance of salesmanship, it’s not just about the steps you take but also about the rhythm of your persistence that turns obstacles into stepping stones.” 


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