Good Things Are Rarely Cheap and Cheap Things Are Rarely Good – Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul is the Regional Vice President for Advanced Technologies Consultants (ATC), a distributor of name-brand technical training curriculum, equipment, software and furniture. Aaron has worked for ATC for 14 years now and previously worked as a regional sales manager.


One of the biggest hurdles Aaron had to overcome when first starting off in sales was his aversion towards the industry- he had graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and through connections wound up in sales position after school. While it did take time for him to warm up to his new career after a few years he could finally appreciate that sales was not about sleazy selling schemes but about problem solving and a salesman was born.


In today’s episode, Aaron brings us through his journey in sales and how he’s navigating sales leadership as a fairly new leader. His commitment to honing his craft and ensuring customer satisfaction is an inspiration so tune in to Aaron Paul’s episode and learn about his sales story.


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  • “I realized that sales at its heart is problem solving. If you’ve got a good product, then what sales is, is you’re taking a person who needs that good product, and you’re providing that product to them.” (5:34-5:47)
  •  “Good things are rarely cheap and cheap, things are rarely good.” (9:45-9:48)
  • “Knowing that if I tried to take care of the customer, the rest will take care of itself.” (18:26-18:35)


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