Be Like Water – Sophia Kim

Sophia Kim is the Chief Revenue Officer for Centauri Health Solutions, Inc. and a passionate sales leader. Her passion to serve and empower people to get the healthcare benefits they need and deserve is what drives her sales success. She has experience in the implementation of large-scale systems with process re-engineering, integration and custom application development, and user acceptance testing.


In today’s episode, Sophia explains how her mantra, “be like water” was drawn from her experience as an immigrant to the U.S. at 2-years-old and the uphill battles her and her family faced as newcomers to the United States. “One of the things that we have to always do is be flexible and accommodating,” she explained. This mentality shaped her experience and later gave her an appreciation of how water is the substance to emulate in order to be a well-formed leader in sales.


Tune into this week’s episode with Sophia Kim to learn from an incredibly hardworking leader whose life experience has given her tremendous aptitude to lead successful sales teams.


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  • “We have a passion to serve and empower to solve and so we’re out there trying to help people, get the benefits that they deserve.” (3:33-3:41)
  • “My phrase is, ‘be like water’ and the reason why I choose that, is because water when you fill it into a container, it takes the form of whatever container is there. Fill the gaps where they need to be filled, be the support, where I need to be the support. Be the nourishment, where I have to provide nourishment.” (4:42-4:51)
  • “I think you have to apply a combination of your intuition, combination of a little bit of psychology, and then apply the numbers and see what are ways out?” (27:48-28:01)


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