Does Success Equate to Happiness? – Jennifer Glass

Today’s episode is about Jennifer’s keynote speaking success and the topic she’s spoken on about ‘does success equate to happiness?’. Tune in to the episode to hear from Jennifer Glass, about how taking time to measure what is the meaning of success in your life can help you move the needle!


Jennifer Glass is the CEO of Business Growth Strategies International or BGSI for short (formerly Credit Cards NJ) through its various divisions – BGSI provides a robust & best-in-class solution for business owners looking to grow their business/revenues.


Jennifer started this company back in 2005 & has seen the company continue to grow even in difficult economic times. She has recruited & trained sales reps around the US to help small & medium sized businesses add more money to their bottom lines by using their wide portfolio of services & has even spun into new divisions such as web hosting & a full-service marketing agency.


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  • “As we develop new sales leaders, it’s important to be looking at how you’re going to be where you are today- looking where you want to be next week, next month, next year, five years and 10 years down the road. All of that is going to make a difference and it’s constantly moving that needle.” (3:02-3:34)
  • “I already was successful. So, if I was successful, then I am successful and now I can go back and have that success. But if you’re still always chasing, that’s not the happiness and that’s where the keynote started to really originate from.” (19:54-20:19)
  • “When you have a leader who’s helping their team, develop their skills, whether it’s sales, marketing operations, you have a leader who is invested in their team, and is giving of oneself to another. That is definitely success.” (28:04-28:26)


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