Billion Dollar Sales Secrets: For Sellers & Non-Sellers – Joe Paranteau

Joe Paranteau is a leading authority on selling, a sales coach and mentor, keynote speaker, a small business owner and entrepreneur, and an investor. He has generated more than $1.8 Billion in revenue as a professional salesperson.

Joe wrote Billion Dollar Sales Secrets to help sellers and non-sellers alike. He delivers real-world strategies and insights from thousands of sales engagements he led with Fortune Global 500, SMBs, startups, and government organizations. He leverages these experiences to help others achieve their full sales potential.

In today’s episode, Joe discusses a few different chapters in his book that break down his different philosophies as a sales leader. Starting out as a door-to-door salesman on an Indian Reservation in Montana to now serving as a Sales Director for Microsoft, has given him a unique perspective.

Tune in to hear from an incredibly insightful sales leader whose journey in sales has made him wildly successful and how he remains incredibly humble through it all.

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  • “The one tip that I think would be beneficial to hear is spend time engaging people and spend time connecting and being curious. You’ll be a much better and more effective salesperson.” (3:22-3:38)
  • “I had sold a billion dollars in a five-year span. It’s two and a half million dollars a day. After I did that, I was like, okay, I think I know something about selling that I could add to people.” (5:43-5:55)
  • “I would go door-to-door with my brother and sister, because I grew up poor, we didn’t have very much money, I’m the first generation of my family to grow up off the Indian Reservation.” (7:39-8:02)
  • “When I wrote this book, I set out to take all the things that I learned about from a sales standpoint, conscious and unconscious. And I put all these post-it notes on my wall, and I started questioning everything.” (35:55-36:06)
  • “Give something back, show gratitude, think about what you can do to make the world a better place. Save some money, develop your walkaway fund, really think about what you can do.” (38:17-38:30)


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