Crafting a United Front in Healthcare Sales and Marketing – Adam Kustin, SVP Sales and Marketing


Adam Kustin, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Health Network One, joins us with a wealth of wisdom on merging the might of sales and marketing into a formidable alliance. His unique journey from marketer to sales maestro showcases not just the value of curiosity and determination but also the collaborative force that is unleashed when these two worlds unite. As we chat, Adam unpacks the nuances of strategy and the personal touch required to navigate the competitive landscape of healthcare sales, offering an enlightening perspective on the power of face-to-face interaction and understanding client needs from the ground up. 

Within the bustling managed care marketplace, capturing attention can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Yet, Adam’s experience proves that on-site engagements and a compelling value proposition can cut through the noise. Our dialogue reveals how showing up and engaging personally at industry events can trump digital efforts, and how retention and physical presence can turn the tide in your sales pipeline. Adam’s insights are a testament to the persuasive influence of in-person networking and solving client problems where they live. 

Leadership is an art, and Adam illustrates this through his own crescendo from coordinating recruitment efforts to spearheading a successful marketing squad, all without an official sales department to start with. He stresses the importance of mentorship and the courage to ask for help, along with the necessity of continuous learning and maintaining robust professional relationships. Moreover, Adam’s reflection on the pivotal role of communication skills in sales and marketing, along with strategic moves like hiring a sales operations director, can light the way for anyone aiming to climb the career ladder. Join us for a session that’s as rich in knowledge as it is in practical takeaways for those eager to refine their sales acumen. 

Adam Kustin leads sales and marketing for Health Network One, a leader in managing full-risk specialty provider networks for Medicaid and Medicare health plans. He and his team are accountable for brand positioning, corporate communications, demand generation, and new customer acquisition. Prior to HN1, Adam led business development and strategy for several advertising agencies. He’s also held senior marketing roles in consumer packaged goods, professional services, and commercial electronics. A proud Florida Gator, he earned his MBA in Marketing and Finance from Tulane University. 

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“Sales and marketing are not just departments that need to collaborate; they are integral parts of a unified strategy that must work seamlessly together for optimal results.”

“Curiosity, perseverance, and the willingness to embrace new challenges are key drivers of success in any career, especially in healthcare leadership.”

“Relationship capital and mentorship are invaluable resources in the journey of career advancement. Seek out mentorship early, and build those connections that last a lifetime.” 



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