Our Project Management Methodology for Your Success

Beyond Agile

Our Project management methodology breathes new life into your processes from the inside out.

Propellor™ goes beyond Agile or Scrum, is an advanced methodology that is innovative to the very core of your company. Your goals determine how we focus our efforts.  Using three week sprints we reset, re-evaluate and re-focus, fine-tuning your objectives with every cycle! This low risk implementation procedure is designed to create a 360° view of your customers and every aspect of your business. Our methodology generate predictable results by breaking your implementation down into key components for each revolution.

Business Process Definition Define Goals Prioritize Goals Customize CRM Review Implement Assess Results

Define Goals

Any CRM implementation needs to have a clear understanding of what your goals are and how you define success. Our Propellor methodology helps define these goals at the start of the process, keeping everyone focused. If your business cannot clearly define measurable goals, then your implementation should not begin until goal definition is complete.

Prioritize Goals

Odds are, you’ll have a huge laundry list of goals for Dynamics CRM to achieve. Therefore, we rank all of the goals from the most important “have-to-have-its” to the least important “nice-to-haves.” We then help you measure each goal by the empirical analysis the achievement of said goal has on your business. Prioritizing goals helps us prioritize implementation!

Customize CRM

We’ve seen traditional CRM implementations take far too long and produce minimal results. By keeping the customization phase short and targeted, you see results very quickly. This also allows for adjustments and refinements, dramatically reducing risk. Our skilled development team can implement customizations very quickly, getting it right the first time.


A critical part of the CRM implementation process is reviewing previous steps. Pulling feedback back into the customization process through formal reviews is a critical element of our Propellor method. This ensures that the customizations delivered are what our customers expected, that the assumptions made are validated, and process improvements are realized.


Our goal is to get you to the implementation phase as quickly as possible. This allows you to take full advantage of the system we have been working on. At this point, employee training is crucial! We take this phase very seriously so that we get full buy-in from your team and can address all of their concerns and questions.

Assess Results

Once the customizations have been deployed, you have a chance to access the results in the day-to-day reality of your business. This can lead to additional clarity and new requirements that feed into the next cycle. Oftentimes, the business climate changes leading to new goals or a change in priority. This means that there may be more customization or refinement we need to do to help you make the most of your CRM!