Microsoft Dynamics 365:
The CRM Of Choice

Why Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales is the ultimate platform to ignite your business success. Engineered to be a catalyst for finance, it supports all departments throughout the customer life cycle and drives your business forward. Equipped to integrate with your current systems and Office 365’s product suite, this platform connects your processes with your goals so that you have a system that transforms the way you do business.

Dynamics 365 CRM

Interactive from One Step to the Next

Integrate Dynamics 365 for Sales with familiar tools, like Outlook and Excel, to improve day-to-day operations. Rather than signing into several disparate systems to gather the information you need to do your job, with an integrated system from Empellor CRM, you will work from dashboards to access critical information. Imagine having the complete picture available in one place. Think of how empowered and efficient each team will be when they are guided through your business processes with the next steps and real-time information they need to be successful.
Dynamics 365 CRM

Personalized Customer Experiences

Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales allows you to capture powerful data about your prospects and customers, and creates opportunities for you to craft tailored messages to individuals at the moments that are most important in their journey. Maximize your business relationships beyond sales! An integrated system from Empellor CRM allows you to activate information, automate personalized communication to maximize opportunities, and accelerate processes across departments so that your business system can operate at its highest and best.

Dynamics 365 CRM


Despite its name, this Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM platform is NOT just for sales. Providing up to date and actionable information to each job role, this system consistently performs for every department in your company. Use Dynamics 365 for Sales to link teams and work collectively to propel your business forward.


Dynamics CRM 365 for Sales provides you deeper insights into your customer behavior and employee activities. You and your entire team will stay one step ahead of your prospects & customers’ needs, making you proactive, rather than reactive. Nothing can help your business more than a sales process automated by CRM.


Would you like to predict the future? Dynamics CRM gives you valuable insights into your unique prospect and customer group. Powered with Dynamics CRM, reports will use your data to create insights to personalize relationships, predict opportunities and drive your business forward.

Key Features of Dynamics CRM

Extremely versatile in that it can be set up in the cloud, on-premise on your servers, or a hybrid combining both. We’ll take a look at what’s best for your business and make recommendations about the best option for you.

Mobile apps and platforms allow you to manage and serve your customers on the go! Mobile support is built in to Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales, so whether you use an iPhone or iPad or another mobile device, we have you covered.

Integrates with the major social media platforms, giving you valuable intel on your customers! Success today means maximizing social engagement, with CRM seamlessly creating a social profile of your clients.

Automation of marketing communications makes your sales funnel work for you, instead of you working for it! With Marketing Automation powered by Dynamics CRM it serves as the epicenter of all communications.

Improve customer service with key features for sales issues, new client concerns, on-boarding, loan origination and more. You’ll always know exactly what your customers need and be able to nurture long and profitable business relationships.

Clear organization of loan origination, customer information, interactions, accounting, notes and more. Your entire staff can work seamlessly to provide the best customer care to both prospective customers and current customers.