Prospect Needs Come First: William Standifird

““I’m looking for courage, character, and compassion,” says William Standifird of AccessESP. In this episode of Sales Lead Dog, host Chris Smith talks with William about how he hires, how he uses data, and how it all centers on the needs of his prospects.

AccessESP sells a green technology product to help extract gas and oil from wells — which means their sales cycle can be a few years long. Because of this, having a balanced team that is using CRM technology in a smart way is pivotal. William talks about the importance of forecasting, how he holds his sales team responsible for their own data, and how he tries to keep his team balanced by focusing on selling personas when he’s hiring.


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This week, tune in for a great conversation about building a team and a selling framework that supports the needs of your prospects.


  • “Be careful not to have your hands on the steering wheel when you do not have to.” (5:41-5:49)
  • “I think that’s the biggest thing that new managers and sales leaders need to avoid.. so trust your people, ask them what they need, and give them what they need. Be careful not to have your hands on the steering wheel when you don’t need to.” (15:12-15:25)


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