Empathy and Humility Create Trust: Tyler Carey

For Tyler Carey, Chief Revenue Officer at Westchester Publishing Services, being a good sales leader means understanding other perspectives. On this episode of Sales Lead Dog, Tyler talks with host Chris Smith about the power of empathy and humility, and the reality that “There’s really no task that’s beneath you as a sales rep.”

Tyler has held jobs at a variety of companies, including early startups, and he implemented the CRM at Westchester Publishing Services, a leading provider of digital and print services for publishers around the world. But despite his head for data, Tyler is all about connection, and his biggest lesson as a sales rep and sales leader was learning how to let other people share their experience.

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Tune in this week for thoughtful commentary on the power of listening, the surprising benefits of working the registration table at a conference, and the best way to track your failures — so even when you lose, you are learning how to win.


  • “There’s really no task that’s beneath you as a sales rep.” (17:16-17:19)
  • “Just because something works well for you, doesn’t mean it’ll work well for everybody else.” (22:12-22:17)


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