Take Note – Michael Gumiela

Michael Gumiela has led the creation and standardization of the ATALIAN Global Services US sales platform. Building the sales platform has allowed Mike to get back to his roots of creating and developing effective sales teams through performance management.

In today’s episode Mike breaks down different aspects of his work at ATALIAN, whether it be hiring practices or sales processes- his 23+ years of facilities management experience has given him extensive familiarity with all things leadership related.

Tune into this week’s episode to learn from someone with an extensive background in sales and facility management.

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  • “I like to look for people that first and foremost have a great personality don’t take themselves too seriously. Things I can find in their resume, show me that they’ve hustled throughout their career, you know, were they a waiter or a waitress? When they were in college? Right? What extracurriculars did they do in college?” (21:16-21:31)
  • “Sure, well, it, it starts with taking great notes, every time that you meet with the customer. Anytime that you are the prospect, anytime you meet with the prospect anytime you are on the phone with them, if you trade emails, I would hope that everybody listening to this is saving those transactions into your CRM, right.” (30:16-30:39)
  • “You know, sales process has to be built by sales, by finance by operations. It’s got to be a group effort to make sure everybody gets what they need.” (26:18-26:24)


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