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For Matt Green, Chief Revenue Officer at Sales Assembly, it’s all about the individual. Sales Assembly helps B2B technology organizations across the country “scale smarter,” with a people-focused approach.  In this episode of Sales Lead Dog, Matt shares his philosophy of building the best sales team: hiring slow and as a team across the organization. 

For Matt, motivating your team means motivating the individual. He believes that taking the time to focus on individual needs can make all the difference in the success of your entire team – because as he says, in a team of four, “if three of them are a yes, and one of them is a no, then [the whole team is] a no.” And when it comes to motivating your team to use CRM… the key is to find both your carrot and your stick. 

Listen this week to hear Matt’s insights on hiring, and find out what the best salesperson he ever hired said in the interview that made all the difference.

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  • “…it’s really tough, especially when you’re hiring salespeople because if there’s one thing about, you know, even not that great of a salesperson, he or she is probably halfway decent at selling themselves.” (22:31-22:43) 
  • “…setting up a hiring committee that you know consists of you as … the leader, consists of maybe a peer in a different department, consists of a peer that this person may not be working for but maybe working alongside… let’s say of four people. And if three of them are, right, yes and one of them is a no, then it’s a no.” (22:54-23:46)
  • “It’s important not to focus on motivating the team I think it’s important to focus on how you motivate the individuals within the team.” (31:05-31:15)



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