Strategy Assessment

Let CRM become the lifeblood of your organization.

Strategy Assessment

Empellor CRM Strategy Assessments. Big Results. One Fixed Price.

When it comes to Strategy Assessments, Empellor CRM has come up with a radical strategy of our own. We provide our clients with industry-leading insight and expertise at a price way below market value.

Our depth of knowledge is so deep — and our strategy consultants so experienced — our CRM Strategy Assessment process simply comes easier to us than most.

And while we don’t make it a habit to shout price from the rooftops, we think it is pretty cool that we are able to create a strategic CRM roadmap for our clients at a fixed cost of $15,000.

Strategy Assessment
Strategy Assessments

Our Strategy Assessments Create Tangible Opportunities

We hate to break it to you, but in all likeliness your organization is not using your CRM anywhere near to its fullest potential.

And from a growth and opportunity perspective, we just think you should be loving what your CRM is doing for your business.

Our Strategy Assessments, conducted by true industry experts, focus on four key areas:

  1. Utilization. Are you using CRM to its full potential?
  2. Customer Journey. Does your CRM support your customer interactions?
  3. User Adoption. To what level has CRM become part of your user’s daily routine?
  4. Roadmap. What is your current and future strategy for CRM?

We take a holistic approach to your assessment to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of where your CRM implementation stands now and just how far we can enhance it.

Our goal is to create a nimble, proactive strategy that drives the growth of your business.

What An Empellor CRM Strategy Assessment Looks Like

Our team of experts initially spend two to three days on site meeting with your team and evaluating your business operations and processes.

We conduct in-depth sessions and take a deep dive into your Utilization, Customer Journey, User Adoption and Roadmap.

We then return to the Empellor CRM base camp where we review our findings, leverage our expertise and brainstorm implementation enhancements and reengineering opportunities.

Next we compile and present the results to your team for initial review, discussion and refinement and then work with you to develop a detailed action plan to address the gaps and opportunities within the assessment.

Our team then returns to your office to present a tangible, comprehensive action plan that has been thoroughly vetted and custom designed to meet your unique needs and enhance your business operations for years to come.

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