Sales Is A Give And Get: Skip Miller

“Yeses are great. Nos are great. Maybes will kill you,” says Skip Miller, Founder and President of M3 Learning, a sales management training and coaching program that helps start-ups build their sales process to meet sales goals. Skip shares his philosophy on sales training — which revolves around data, forecasting, and good use of CRM. His number one takeaway? If you want to optimize your time, you need to know how engaged your customer is — and the best way to do that is to stay in control, and ask them to give as much as they get.

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Skip and Chris talk about common CRM pitfalls, the tools you can use to measure customer engagement, and all the reasons your sales managers should be jumping in long before your deals are ready to close. If you’re looking for an inspiring and unique sales philosophy to shake up your team, tune into this episode!


  • “I am on a mission to destroy the term ‘decision-maker.’” (6:02-6:05)
  • “Yeses are great. Nos are great. Maybes will kill you.” (12:06-12:10)


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