The Art of Outbounding – Skip Miller

In today’s episode on Sales Lead Dog, we are joined again by ​our guest, Skip Miller. Skip is the President of M3 Learning, a ProActive Sales Management and Sales Training Company based in the heart of Silicon Valley and has already trained hundreds of companies in over 35 countries.

Skip discusses his new book, Outbounding. He will talk about outbound sales and how to become successful through outbounding, how inbound and outbound sales differ from each other, and the right ways to do outbound calls and messagings.

Most companies and businesses are hooked on inbound sales, relying more on inbound leads, and not taking risks or emphasis on doing outbound with the fear of losing potential customers. Tune in to this week’s episode to learn why outbounding sales is so important to your business!

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  • “As a sales leader out bounding right, I’ve got a simple question. What’s the size of the problem? It doesn’t get easier than that. They’ve got to have a problem, because you want to be an aspirin, not a vitamin. And they’ve got to be able to quantify it.” (21:19-21:39) 
  • “I thinkone of the natural curiosities, one of the, one of the great sales tools that salespeople can have is a natural curiosity. Right, and not fake, I mean just dive in.” (22:12-22:24
  • “…you could have all the cadences and sequences, and you can have all the sales enablement process tools like outreach sells, right. But you got to have good messaging.” (26:27-26:37) 
  • “You got to get through the noise and if you don’t know your numbers, you’re just hoping you win the game without a strategy and boy, that doesn’t work too well.” (35:42-35:50) 


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