Confidence, Connection and Clarity: Ryan Avery

“Where do you need to be more courageous this year?” asks Ryan Avery, the Keynote Speaker on Strategic Communication and Leadership.
On this episode of Sales Lead Dog, Ryan talks with host Chris Smith about the fundamentals of his leadership program, and how he helps people move from just a leader to “THE” leader.

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This episode is full of succinct, actionable tips for success — from how to be true to best represent your brand on Zoom (hint: consider using a ladder) to working toward confidence by becoming more courageous. With a series of memorable acronyms and tons of energy, Ryan shares the fundamentals of strong leadership, using anecdotes that can inspire people at all stages of their career.

If you’re ready to move from “a” to “the,” tune into this podcast today.


  • “Do you want to be a CEO or do you want to be the CEO.” (5:57-5:59)
  • “Our job as a leader isn’t to have the answer, it’s to find the answer.” (26:12-26:19)


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