Resiliency in Sales – Erik Norman

“You have to own your own results,” says Erik Norman, Senior Vice President of Bolger Printing Minneapolis, MN. As the leader of an international printing company that works with major financial institutions, luxury retail and health care organizations, Erik has clearly seen a lot of success. But in this episode of Sales Lead Dog, he’s talking with Chris Smith about the other side of sales: failure, and the need to be resilient. 

When asked what he wished he had known about sales, Erik was frank. He wished he had known how much failure he’d have to face in those early days. So often, people want to get into sales because it seems glamorous, and lucrative. But to be successful in sales, you have to cope with a lot of rejection and failure. Erik talks with Chris about how he built up resilience, and how he learned to become “the president of Erik Norman Inc.” and take accountability for his own sales journey. 

Listen this week to hear about resilience, and how Erik feels about his own “lukewarm” feelings about CRM in this episode of Sales Lead Dog. 

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  • “You need to learn resiliency and how to move forward against all sorts of obstacles.” (13:25-13:31)
  •  “I had a house, one time, where my wife and I wanted to re landscape and we had all these Juniper bushes these low growing Juniper bushes, you know, and the roots are literally everywhere. So you think I can just pull this little thing up you pull it up and what you realize is, you never get all the roots. So, and when you start tugging on something and it’s got these long roots it’s difficult to move. And so, you know, that then kind of describes some of the challenges you have to be then careful and methodical and respectful in how you’re going to drive change, while also balancing the urgency that the organization wants…” (26:53-27:32)


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