Your CRM probably isn’t living up to its potential

Many organizations make the same rookie mistake in CRM design process.

They implement CRM as a basic sales tool, without any real insight into the exceptional capabilities and functionality it can wield throughout the enterprise.

The most effective CRM implementations connect all functional areas of your business, from sales and marketing to customer support and operations – and create a seamless exchange of information and automation that can dramatically enhance the way you do business.

Process Re-engineering

Like a curious toddler, we just keep asking why

Empellor CRM takes a continuous improvement approach to process re-engineering and we utilize a structured methodology called Dynamic Work Design, created at MIT’s Sloan School of Business, to make that happen. But it all starts with WHY.

Why are functionality issues occurring in your current CRM?

Why is the issue interdepartmental?

Why is data getting dropped or corrupted?

Why do different departments have different processes for the same function?
Every time we ask why, we get closer to the root cause of a disfunction; but, we’ve learned in our years of doing this that most CRM problems are usually the result of multiple issues that converge and snowball along the way.

Our Empellor CRM consultants are experts at isolating and collecting performance metrics, providing insight into the CRM functionality, then leveraging that information to dramatically improve the processes your business depends on.

Process Re-engineering

Process before technology

Empellor CRM takes a “process before technology” approach to your organization’s successful CRM implementation.

Old school, traditional implementations merely focus on end results, which often lead to disparate processes among departments that simply don’t align; but it is imperative that one way of doing business supports the entire enterprise.

Our painstaking process work includes sniffing out rogue departmental procedures and inefficient functionality, then implementing a streamlined process re-engineering that suits the entire organization.


Time is of the essence

When it comes to your business operations, the longer a problem goes on, the bigger it gets and the more expensive it is to fix.

Implementing our CRM Alert mechanism empowers any member of your team to tag problems in real time to sound the alarm that initiates action.

Management is then able to prioritize and track these issues from onset to all the way through to resolution.

Process improvement never stops

With new and improved processes in place, your key stakeholders gain a profound understanding of your organization’s day-to-day, cross-departmental operations and performance.

Accessing and leveraging this documentation allows you to confidently analyze patterns and make informed data-driven decisions that will enhance your business today, tomorrow and well into the future.

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