Customer Portal Implementation

Let Your Customers Interact with You on Their Terms

Portal Implementation

Here’s a shocker. Pretty much everyone loathes speaking with customer service reps.

In fact, in a recent survey, more than 30% of respondents said they would rather clean a toilet than talk to a CSR. Ouch.

Today’s global consumers expect that the organizations with whom they do business will feature a customer portal implementation to support their maturing needs and communication styles.

Web portals allow your customers to interact with you when they want and how they want, with virtual accessibility to accounts and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your customers simply want to control how they communicate with you… and we think you should let them.

Web portal

Got Dynamics CRM? Then Your Web Customer Portal Is Already Waiting for You

Developing a custom web portal is usually extremely expensive and often results in lackluster performance and poor engagement.

One company we know spent more than $400K developing a custom portal that overpromised, underwhelmed and ultimately lacked functionality.

It was a costly mistake that they won’t soon repeat.

The good news is that if you already have Dynamics CRM, one portal implementation is included in the platform at no additional charge – it just needs a little configuration work. That is where Empellor CRM comes in.

We can configure and customize your portal to your needs and specifications, all without writing a single line of new, expensive code.

One Fixed Price to Launch Your Customer Engagement Forward

The thought of your unconfigured portal sitting there doing nothing keeps us up at night; and quite frankly, none of us want that.

That is why Empellor CRM offers our clients an affordable, fixed-price web portal implementation for just $25,000 – far below market value and unheard of in the industry.

We simply don’t believe our clients should have to spend a fortune for a smart, highly functional web portal implementation when they already have almost everything they need to launch this key customer engagement component.

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